Train In The Redbird Full Motion Flight Simulator

All Scenarios Include Pre and Post Flight Briefing



  1. VFR Proficiency Flight includes 10 exercises, 1.5 hours in Sim Focus on Everyday Flight Skills and Emergency Procedures - $299
  2. IFR Proficiency Flight Includes 10 Events, 1.5 hours in Sim Focus on IFR procedures and regulations - $399
  3. Multi Proficiency Flight 10 events, VFR/IFR Engine out skills, Emergencies and aircraft performance review. PA44 Panel $399
  4. Proficiency Scenarios From Pilot Proficiency Center at Oshkosh Choose from a list of Scenarios as offered on the Pilot Proficiency Website. These can be self flown or with an instructor.
  5. Maintain Currency 6 hrs in 6 months $599 or 12 hrs in 12 months $999 Includes CFII
  6. Check Ride Prep VFR, IFR, MULTI, CFI, CFII 4 hour block $599

Through Briefing and oral review Simulated check ride in FMX 

Rules for use and operating the Sim is required prior to First Solo Use

Payment Options

Pay Pal, Venmo, Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash and Checks for Block Time Only - Check must Clear Before First Session.