Train In The Redbird Full Motion Flight Simulator

For instrument currency in an approved AATD full motion simulator a CFII is no longer needed per FAR 61.51 (g)(5). Now you can maintain your IFR currency in our sim!


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  • Train In The Redbird Full Motion Flight Simulator 
  • Currency, Proficiency, Instrument Training
  • Emergency Procedures                                                                               
  • Single, Multi, Six Pack, G1000, & Perspective  
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  • Commercial Training 
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Welcome to a new way of becoming a safe proficient pilot!

We have many learning tools for you to take advantage of and look forward to helping you to raise your standards.

Your proficiency begins with the Redbird FMX motion simulator and the advantage of simulator training. With the guidance of DPE's, Gold Seal instructors, Airline Training Pilots, NTSB reports, ASI and other resources worldwide, you will experience actual scenario-based flights and exercises while incorporating established teaching methods embraced by the best flight schools, instructors and airlines in the country. Detailed scripted flight scenarios with preflight and post flight debriefings will enhance your learning toward being a proficient pilot. These methods allow for the most effective use of your time. After all, 110 AC is cheaper than 110 LL.

With the FAR rule changes of July 2018, you can now maintain your IFR currency in our Redbird FMX simulator without an instructor. We have some great scenarios and challenges to help you maintain your proficiency. IPC'S can also be accomplished in the Sim, except you will have to complete the circling approach and landing in the aircraft.

IFR students and those striving for the commercial rating will find great savings with the use and quality of training in the simulator. It is a proven fact that you learn more efficiently and make effective use of your training time while using a flight simulator.

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